Dealey Plaza


Dealey Plaza is one of the most notorious places in America, and when youthful conspiracy buffs go there in 1964 to stage their own reenactment of the Kennedy Assassination, four of them are brutally murdered — the first victims of a hate-filled legacy that continues for four more decades.


The survivors of that long-ago Dallas trip, each of them now icons of the American way of life, are about to be honored — or killed.


Who will live and who will die? Will it be country-western star Lori McCoy? Her loving husband? Her scheming ex-husband? Or the case-hardened FBI agent and longtime friend who risks his life trying to protect them?


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The Hungry Dead


Two novels in one:


Midnight - First, they captured small animals. Then, they moved on to bigger prey. Now the backwoods family that slays together stays together for one last midnight snack: a pair of unsuspecting travellers whose ritual torture and sacrifice will only intensify the demonic clan's cravings...for more.


Escape Of The Living Dead - In an isolated roadside diner, a desperate group of strangers barricade themselves against a ravenous horde of undead customers who crave something more than the early bird special. They want flesh. Human flesh. With a side order of brains and stomach-turning terror.


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Writer/Producer/Director John Russo has been called a "Living Legend." His books on movie making are known as "Bibles of the Industry" and his spine-tingling novels have sold millions of copies worldwide. He co-authored NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and went on to create scary movies like MIDNIGHT, THE MAJORETTES and HEARTSTOPPER. Here you can obtain autographed mementos of his movies, books and his long, exciting career.



The Big Book of Bizarro


With over fifty stories, The Big Book of Bizarro brings together the peculiar prose of an international cast of the most grotesquely-gonzo, genre-grinding modern writers who ever put pen to paper (or mouse to pad), including:


  • CHANNEL 666 by John Russo (co-writer and "Tire Iron Ghoul" of Night of the Living Dead)

  • TIFFANY'S!! IT'S GET EVEN TIME!! by George Kosana (production manager and "Sheriff" of Night of the Living Dead)




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The Academy - a novel of terror from legendary horror writer John A. Russo



He's a good puppet, he does what they say, but he's programmed for terror, and someone will pay!

From legendary horror writer John A. Russo comes The Academy. It's every parent's dream, turning their little darlings into geniuses, super-achievers, perfect little children.

And if there's a problem, the Academy fixes that, too. It's a simple operation. Just a little device. Then a teeny pink scar on a tender little skull…

One boy knows the secret. Now he wants his mind back. But it's much, much too late. Too late for anything but the ugly feelings. The bad feelings. The messy sexy feelings. The knife-cold hatred, the murderous rage, for total screaming, blood-drenching revenge…

Get ready to enroll in THE ACADEMY.

Publisher's note: this is an updated and enhanced edition of the John Russo's 1985 book DAY CARE


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The Awakening - a novel of terror from legendary horror writer John A. Russo



For two hundred years, he has rested. Now he rises. Now he will be satisfied. Nothing can stop him. No one can resist him.


Benjamin Latham is young and handsome, his eighteenth-century mind wakened to a bizarre twentieth-century world. And there is the need deep within . . . an animal need, frightening, murderous, unholy . . . a vital need that must be fed.


And with his need comes a power over men and women to do his bidding, to quiet his dark craving . . .


Until the murders begin.


And the inquiries. All suggesting the same hideous truth.

Now Benjamin must find a sanctuary: a lover, a partner, a friend. Someone who can share his darkness. Someone he can lead to . . . The Awakening.


Publisher's note: This is the bestselling novel that the motion picture HEARTSTOPPER was based on.



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