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To book me, contact: Rich Nikodem at

(1-866-812-8248) or message me by clicking here.


"Your preparation is greatly well as the invaluable insights you shared with all the students. I am especially grateful for the time you put in with our advanced seminar...our students learned by example what it takes to be a great filmmaker."

-- Instructor Jim Burnstein,
University of Michigan





Book me for conventions, workshops, seminars, and personal appearances.

I like meeting the fans and I enjoy their infectious enthusiasm. It is especially gratifying that NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD has helped pave the way for budding filmmakers as well as famous ones such as Tobe Hooper, SamRaimi, Kevin Smith and many others. I look forward to appearances at colleges and universities.


Become a Professional By Working With A Professional

Quentin Tarantino and many other noted filmmakers learned from my books, bestsellers that are known as "Bibles of Independent Filmmaking."  You also may have read those same books.  But when you enroll in one of my workshops or attend one of my lectures or seminars, you learn first-hand with me as your personal mentor!


I have had a long, exciting career, and I'm still a working professional who has made and continues to make movies of all types, from TV spots, music videos and documentaries to theatrical features.  It started with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and continues right up to the present with my horror comedy in post-production under the title MY UNCLE JOHN IS A ZOMBIE!

"I made a movie I didn't finish.  Then I read your books, took notes and made charts, and that's what guided me to my first complete movie."

-- Quentin Tarantino

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