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John Russo's "Heartstopper"

"A gripping plotline and good old-fashioned gothic horror." Fangoria

"The most unique vampire story since SALEM'S LOT." George A. Romero

An ancient evil awakens with a deep hunger


In 1776, in Revolutionary Pittsburgh, BENJAMIN LATHAM (Kevin Kindlin) a progressive Tory physician wrongly accused of sorcery, was hung. To prevent his return from the grave, his body was desecrated and buried at a crossroad.


Two hundred years later, the grave site is unearthed by a construction crew and the young doctor emerges from the grave alive. Unaware of his long sleep and believing he has cheated the hangman, he awakens to the sights and sounds, confusion and violence of modern day Pittsburgh.


He is attacked by a street gang and, in a chase, discovers that he possesses supernatural strength. He kills one of the gang members and discovers that he also possesses an unnatural thirst for blood.


In a quest for answers, the young doctor seeks out his descendants. LENORA CLAYTON (Moon Zappa), a photojournalist researching Colonial Pittsburgh, helps him locate the last living descendant, MATTHEW LATHAM (John Hall), an American antique dealer obsessed with his
unusual family history.


To feed his special needs, Benjamin Latham compulsively continues to kill but disciplines himself to prey upon the evil members of society. Word of a new serial killer spreads terror and panic throughout the city. The hysteria is spurred on by the ranting of self-proclaimed paranormal expert, DR. HARRISON LUBBOCK (Michael J. Pollard) and a series of copycat murders.


Killing the vampire and solving the copycat murders becomes the  obsession of police lieutenant RON VARGO (Tom Savini), a man  determined to put an end to the horror.

For two hundred years, he has rested. Now he rises. Now he will be satisfied. Nothing can stop him.
No one can resist him.


Benjamin Latham is young and handsome, his eighteenth-century mind wakened to a bizarre twentieth-century world. And there is the need deep within . . . an animal need, frightening, murderous, unholy . . . a vital need that must be fed.


And with his need comes a power over men and women to do his bidding, to quiet his dark craving . . .


Until the murders begin.


And the inquiries. All suggesting the same hideous truth.


Now Benjamin must find a sanctuary: a lover, a partner, a friend. Someone who can share his darkness. Someone he can lead to . . . The Awakening.

Based on the bestselling novel
THE AWAKENING by John A. Russo
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