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Below is the Calendar of Events for my publisher, Burning Bulb Publishing.   I am at quite a few of their functions and if you see something listed, click on it for more information and to see if I will be there.


Below you can read my lastes news, see my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and know where I'll be at next--right from this page.

John Russo's MIDNIGHT

is being remade!



Check out the official Facebook page to keep

up-to-date with this exciting project or find out how YOU can get involved!


The DVD for my film THE MOB BOSS AND THE SOUL SINGER is now available on amazon!  

Check out the trailer and get your copy today of the exciting mobster, musical comedy featuring CHUCK CORBY and QUIET STORM!

MY UNCLE JOHN IS A ZOMBIE! is a screenplay written by NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD co-creator John A. Russo and centers around a zombie whose family took him in and rehabilitated him (to a degree), and he has been living in hiding all of these years.  Now in a post-zombie, modern world, Uncle John is about to be discovered.


As word gets out about Uncle John and the fact that, although he is a zombie, he still has considerable communication skills and a witty sense of humor, his popularity starts to spread faster than the zombie apocalypse itself, with news coverage (and fame) growing by the day.


However, there are some people who do not want to see zombies of any kind getting notoriety, who believe that the only good zombie is a dead zombie, and make it their mission to capture Uncle John and have a little fun at their hunt club. 

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