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3 1/2 Stars! An entirely enjoyable movie!"

-Eye-on-the-Screen Reviews


"The warmest, most heartfelt little movie I've seen in years."

-George A. Romero


When soul singer Chuck Corby and his band Quiet Storm run afoul of a Mafia wannabe who's dying of cancer, we're off on a zany roller coaster ride with hammer-wielding thugs, a cheating wife and a gun-happy killer lurking behind every hairpin curve.


If you're into classic soul singing mixed with spine-chilling thrills and howling belly laughs, you'll find this and more in THE MOB BOSS AND THE SOUL SINGER.



Working title: Saloonatics



Chuck Corby, Debbie Rochon, Bruno Sammartino, Tom DeJohn, Charles LoPresti, Armand Martin, Heidi Hinzman, Raymond Russo, Carl Severino, J.P. Nutini, Armando Anthony, Emilio Cornachione 

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