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"A sweet tale of loss and an elderly neighbor’s unexpected generosity. This story harkens back to a bygone time in America when young and old banded together and community was all."

—John Elder Robison, New York Times

Best Selling Author of Look Me in the Eye and Switched On

"…a poignant and touching story…"

—Dove Foundation

"…a powerful work, A Promise to Astrid will leave a big impact on readers… Tourville’s writing is touching and humorous, and his thought-provoking storytelling shines through to readers. "

—Hollywood Book Review

A Promise to Astrid

A Promise to Astrid

Michael K. Tourville

A true story, A Promise to Astrid is a captivating account of a woman whose unusual gift and stubborn determination leads to a greater purpose. When a car accident leaves a family in a predicament, Astrid intervenes and is dismissed as an eccentric elderly neighbor. Despite the family’s resistance, Astrid’s demonstration of faith and selflessness defy all expectations.

This is the Official Motion Picture Edition of A Promise to Astrid, complete with photos, letters, cast and crew interviews and much more. Read the true story of Astrid as well as get an insider's look inside the film version, starring JoAnn Peterson and Dean Cain, with this special edition of the beloved tale of Astrid Nicosia and her enduring spirit of giving and kindness.

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