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Devil's Sport: My Perilous Journey Into The Darkness

Beatrix Szanto

Beatrix Szanto was a psychic medium who shared her unique gift to help desperate people looking for answers and divine wisdom. She strongly believed this was her true calling until a demon attacked her and hurtled her into full-blown psychic possession.

Isolated and alone in her circumstance, things took a turn for the worse, ultimately leading her to seek a modern-day exorcism. The horrific events and testimony detailed in this book would have most people crawling out of their skin and running for the hills.

Based on a true story of the existence of evil supernatural forces, Devil’s Sport chronicles the events that led to salvation and the tools God used to deliver Bea from the demon. These revelations and experiences must not be hidden but shared with urgency to enlighten others.

Devils’ Sport offers tangible evidence and a warning to non-believers to prevent psychic mediums and empaths from becoming a victim. By the end of this book, you will become knowledgeable in the aspects of what spiritual warfare feels like, how the Devil can play you as a sport and most importantly, how to seek refuge and salvation from the entangled web of lies he fools us to believe.

Devil's Sport: My Perilous Journey Into The Darkness
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